Nov 19, 2007

CSS 3 selectors explained

Here’s a nifty CGI that figures out what all those CSS selectors mean.

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Using Blosxom

I wrote up a page on how this site uses blosxom, and the standard and custom plugins that I use. Since I use blosxom in both static and dynamic mode, I had to hack a bunch of plugins to work correctly in both places, and write my own in some cases.

Blosxom proved to be very flexible. It’s simple enough to go hacking, yet rich enough, with all the plugins available, to do some fairly complex stuff. Its flexibility is both a blessing and a curse: you can do almost anything that you’d want to, but you often have to go hacking in the plugins to make things work if you want to do anything out of the ordinary. Once you have more than a few plugins, you also start to run into conflicts between them, which can only sometimes be fixed by the rename-ordering dance.

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