Data types and structures used by After Dark graphics modules.
	For more information, consult the programmer's section of the manual.
	By Patrick Beard and Bruce Burkhalter
	Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991 Berkeley Systems, Inc.


#ifndef __QUICKDRAW__
#include "QuickDraw.h"

#ifdef applec

#ifndef __SOUND__


#ifdef THINK_C



#if	THINK_C == 1



#ifndef __SOUND__
#include "Sound.h"


	Messages that are passed to main() by After Dark:
	Initialize -		Allocate module's storage and get started.
	Close -			Deallocate storage and shutdown.
	Blank -			Blank out the screen (make it black).
	DrawFrame -		Draw next frame of animation sequence.
	ModuleSelected -	The module has specific processing to do when selected.
	DoAbout -		Module can execute special code for an about message.
	ButtonMessage -		Module wants to put up a dialog when a button is pressed.

typedef enum {
} GMMessage;

/* Return messages */

	The first three messages can be returned by DoInitialize(), DoClose(), DoBlank(), DoDrawFrame()
	RefreshResources is valid only after a "SetUp" message.

enum {
	ModuleError = -1,		/* After Dark will display the string params->errorMessage. */
	RestartMe = 1,			/* After Dark will call main() with an "Initialize" message. */
	ImDone,				/* After Dark will not call main() again and take over drawing. */
	RefreshResources		/* After Dark will redraw all controls after "SetUp" message. */

/* bits in systemConfig that are special. */

#define AnyMultiBit (1L << 1)		/* At least one monitor is multibit*/
#define MultiModuleRunning (1L << 10)	/* multimodule is present. */
#define ModuleMayNotAnimate (1L << 9)	/* you may not animate. */
#define SoundAvailable (1L << 15)	/* do we have sound? */
#define ExtensionsAvailable (1L << 14)	/* are there extensions? */

/* types for looking at the monitors on the system. */
struct MonitorData {
	Rect		bounds;		/* limiting rect of monitor (global coords) */
	Boolean		synchFlag;	/* flag set by monitor vbl task */
	char		curDepth;	/* current pixel depth */

typedef struct MonitorData MonitorData, *MonitorDataPtr;

struct MonitorsInfo {
	short		monitorCount;	/* number of monitors on system */
	MonitorData	monitorList[1];	/* the monitors */

typedef struct MonitorsInfo MonitorsInfo, *MonitorsInfoPtr;

/* copy of quickdraw globals */
struct AD_QDGlobals {
	GrafPtr		qdThePort;
	Pattern		qdWhite;
	Pattern		qdBlack;
	Pattern		qdGray;
	Pattern		qdLtGray;
	Pattern		qdDkGray;
	Cursor		qdArrow;
	BitMap		qdScreenBits;
	long		qdRandSeed;

typedef struct AD_QDGlobals AD_QDGlobals, *AD_QDGlobalsPtr;

struct ExtensionElement {
	OSType		selector;
	Ptr		entryPoints;

typedef struct ExtensionElement ExtensionElement;

struct ExtensionTable {
	short			extensionCount;
	ExtensionElement	extensionList[1];

typedef struct ExtensionTable ExtensionTable, *ExtensionTablePtr;

/* the parameters passed in at every call to the graphics module */
struct GMParamBlock {
	short			controlValues[4];	/* the values of the user set sliders. */
	MonitorsInfoPtr		monitors;		/* what monitors are connected and their depth. */
	Boolean			colorQDAvail;		/* whether color is around. */
	short			systemConfig;		/* bitmask of system configuration. */
	AD_QDGlobalsPtr		qdGlobalsCopy;		/* read-only qd globals */
	short			brightness;		/* message variable to tell NL to dim monitor */
	Rect			demoRect;		/* rect of the Control Panel if in Demo Mode. */
	StringPtr		errorMessage;		/* string to be displayed if error encountered. */
	SndChannelPtr		sndChannel;		/* sound channel allocated for module's use. */
	short			adVersion;		/* BCD After Dark version number. */
	ExtensionTablePtr	extensions;		/* After Dark extensions table. */

typedef struct GMParamBlock GMParamBlock, *GMParamBlockPtr;

//Some prototypes
OSErr DoInitialize(Handle *storage, RgnHandle blankRgn, GMParamBlockPtr params);
OSErr DoBlank(Handle storage, RgnHandle blankRgn, GMParamBlockPtr params);
OSErr DoDrawFrame(Handle storage, RgnHandle blankRgn, GMParamBlockPtr params);
OSErr DoClose(Handle storage, RgnHandle blankRgn, GMParamBlockPtr params);
OSErr DoSetUp(RgnHandle blankRgn, short message, GMParamBlockPtr params);

OSErr DoSelected(Handle storage, RgnHandle blankRgn, GMParamBlockPtr params);
OSErr DoAbout(Handle storage, RgnHandle blankRgn, GMParamBlockPtr params);