After Dark modules

You've finished!

That's just about all there is to creating After Dark modules for the Macintosh.

You might want to go back to the first page, and download the AD 3.0 SDK so that you can start to work on producing some modules.

Hints and Tips

There is a page of hints and tips, contributed by After Dark programmers, that you may like to peruse.

Screensavers mailing list

There is a mailing list about screensavers on any platform, with an emphasis on programming, particularly for After Dark modules on the Mac and Windows.

To subscribe to this list, send the word 'subscribe' in the title of an empty email message to To unsubscribe later, use the word 'unsubscribe' in the title instead.

Messages will be sent to the address used in the subscribe message. If your mail address is different from that currently set in the web browser you are using now, don't subscribe here, but use your regular mailer instead.

Sample source code

Here are some After Dark modules with source code that are available on the net:

Programming AD modules is much easier if you write a small 'wrapper' around the module code, which simply calls main() with the appropriate message. Then, you are running and debugging your module in an application context, rather than trying it out each time, and having crashes bring down the system. Here is one sample wrapper, called After Dark Testbed, for you to download.

For more general Macintosh sample code, try Apple's develop site.

Sample modules

You can download some modules that I have written. There are also After Dark modules on the Info-Mac and Umich software archives, and in the screens savers archive in the UK.

Go back to my home page.

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