After Dark modules


After Dark is a screen saving shell. It provides all of the support and tools a programmer needs to quickly create unique screen saving graphics. To create a new screen saver, you simply write a new graphics module. A screen saver graphics module is a small, separately compiled code resource. It is loaded into memory by After Dark when the user places the pointer in a chosen corner of the screen, or after a specified delay. You can develop a graphics module in any development system that allows generation of code resources. This Programmer's Manual is a description of the structure of a graphics module.

This manual is split into two parts. The first is a "Getting Started" section that discusses the basic design of a graphics module and provides the minimum material necessary to write a graphics module. The second part covers advanced topics. These topics include After Dark resources, full descriptions of data structures, and special features provided by After Dark.

Included on the After Dark disk is source code in C and Pascal for the MPW and Think programming environments. The source code demonstrates how to write an After Dark graphics module.


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